The customers we serve are the most important part of our company, and making sure that you are happy with our services is always our aim. We encourage and support open and ongoing communication throughout the job process. This ensures that we achieve the best results for you, every time.

All quotes are provided on site and explained to you by your handyman. All pricing is for one handyman. If your job requires more than one handyman we will include this in our quote so that there are no surprises. In project work, cabin builds, demolition/deconstruction, etc we can offer fixed pricing. When your handyman arrives at your job, he will explain how long your job will take to complete, and the number of people required, to give you peace of mind on your costings.

They will also provide you with regular update throughout the duration of your job, so that you know exactly how the work is progressing.

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We tick all the boxes

  • 30 years experience
  • Thorough consultation
  • Quality guaranteed
  • No short cuts
  • Trusted workmanship
  • Competitive pricing