If you are planning to totally replace a house, renovate it, or work on a specific areas of your home, you know that a safe, healthy and timely deconstruction or demolition is vital in getting your project off to the best start possible.

We are committed to creating the perfect demolition/deconstruction plan based on your personal circumstances.

Vertap Builders


Deconstruction is rapidly gaining popularity in the building industry due to its lowered impact on the environment, and its appeal to those who embrace sustainability, not to mention its health and financial benefits through the better handling and disposal of toxic materials, and the recycling of up to 80% of recovered building materials.

We appreciate the specialist needs required to successfully carry out deconstruction work:

  • We understand the unique logistical challenges and how to overcome them safely and efficiently.
  • We put health and safety first to ensure that your project will not lose time due to injuries or accidents.
  • We aim to recover, reuse and/or recycle at least 70% of the building materials boosting your project’s sustainability.

Our pricing will leave you pleasantly surprised, and we will deliver on time and on budget.

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