Our designers are experienced in ensuring that your fencing project is stunning and is delivered on-time and on-budget.

Privacy fencing

Fencing can shield your property from prying eyes, help reduce excessive noise, and even ensure that there is some cover from your sunbathing naturalist neighbours! There are a lot of smart choices to create a private oasis, even on the smallest sites. One option are slats which provide a contemporary alternative to the traditional squares and diamonds of a trellis fence. Whatever your preference we will make sure that you get a quality fence installed.

Council compliance

Knowing if your fence requires council compliance is very important. If your fencing does require compliance you may need to obtain a building and/or resource consent. You may also need to gain consent from your neighbours. Our designers can advise you on what compliance is required and assist with the process of obtaining it.

Shelter fencing

Fencing is an efficient, convenient and speedy way to provide shelter around your property. You can protect your garden and plantings from the wind and the sun in certain areas through the clever use of fencing. Contact us for a free consultation and discuss your ideas and options with a landscape design professional.

Security fencing

Automated and code-locked gates and fences can enhance your property, as well as provide peace of mind through added security. Appropriate fences and gates also create safe spaces for your children and pets, We will deliver your fencing project on time and within budget. We have partnerships to supply you with the latest in technology at a better price and we ensure the highest quality finish. Just contact us and discuss your needs and we will come up with the best package for your lifestyle.

Decorative fencing

Decorative fencing and gates are a relatively low-cost way to enhance the presentation of your property, adding instant street appeal. Fencing can also add character and drama to your outdoor areas. Find out your decorative options with our team today.

Pool fencing

New legislation has enacted important changes that pool owners need to be aware of. Random audits have shown that many previously approved pools are no longer compliant according to the new legislation. If you are unsure of your pool’s fence compliance, talk to us today and we can help you find out if there is anything that you need to consider for an existing or new swimming pool project.

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